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Keeping Supermarkets Running Since 1978


supermarket plumber long islandSupermarkets are one of the most highly trafficked businesses; your supermarket likely serves hundreds or even thousands of customers each day. Even the best buildings and plumbing systems need maintenance when they sustain daily wear and tear.

At Alcyone Plumbing, we provide the vital plumbing services your supermarket needs to effectively serve your customers. The plumbing at your store makes it possible to do important things such as keep products fresh, keep customers safe, and clean and sanitize your service areas.

Some of the plumbing services we provide for supermarkets include:

  • Bathroom installation and repairs
  • Fire sprinkler installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Hot water heater and boiler services
  • Roof drainage installation and maintenance
  • Trench and floor drain installation for food preparation areas, truck loading docks and driveways
  • Specialty supply system services
  • Vacuum system services
  • Fire department violation corrections

We understand that your supermarket needs to meet local and state safety codes and our technicians are trained to make sure your plumbing systems meet these requirements. Your customers depend on you to provide high-quality surroundings and products, and you can count on us to make sure your plumbing system and appliances are running smoothly so you can meet those needs.

For these, and many other supermarket plumbing services, contact us at 516.798.1055.