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New York City Office: (718) 279-1790

World Class Service To Your industry

We serve businesses in several different industries.

Commercial Buildings – stand alone or strip mall centers: supermarkets, fast food restaurants, residential multi-family apartments, commercial office buildings, managed residential housing complexes, manufacturing facilities, industrial food processing plants, breweries, hotel and residence chains

Residential Work – please see our residential website at www.patdolanplumbing.com


We provide a range of construction plumbing services including drainage maintenance, hot and cold water supply system installation, water filter installation, hydrant installation and maintenance, and so much more. Good plumbing is key to a successful construction project, and we can help you succeed.

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If you have a fast-food restaurant, a supermarket or any other hospitality business, we can meet your unique plumbing needs. We can install and maintain bathroom fixtures, steam mist units and produce misters, among other appliances.

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Industrial Scale Customers

We provide industrial scale plumbing services throughout Long Island and New York City. Our industrial scale plumbing services include repairs & installations, water mains, fire sprinklers, radiant heat and much more.

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Maintenance Companies

Our technicians can provide the services you need to help your maintenance company run smoothly. Whether you need assistance with roof drainage systems, pipe location services, fire sprinklers, or any other plumbing appliance, we can help.

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Supermarkets depend on things like produce misters, floral case automatic watering systems, vacuum systems and food waste grinder systems. We are well qualified to maintain and install these systems.

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For plumbing services in any of these industries, contact us at (516) 798-1055.