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New York City Office: (718) 279-1790

Pump Repair, Maintenance & Replacement

Our Pump Services Include:

  • Domestic Water Pressure Boosting Systems, Waste Water Systems, Sewer Eject and Grease Waste Ejection Pump Systems. Alcyone is experienced in proper sizing, maintenance and installation of all of the above;
  • Domestic water pressure booster pump systems for buildings up to 7 stories;
  • Grinder and macerating pump systems for waste water and indirect waste drainage;
  • Point of use pump systems for separate remote installations;
  • Vacuum pump system for sanitary drainage and grease waste systems;
  • Leak detection in building sanitary, waste vent systems;
  • Pressurized non-toxic smoke detection for mystery smells;
  • Complete sizing and installation for sanitary sewerage disposal; twin ejection systems, rail components, and automatic control systems with alarms.
For pump installation and maintenance and many other quality plumbing services,
contact us at (516) 798-1055.