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Solutions For The Toughest Plumbing Problems

We offer several site work services for city and neighborhood construction projects.

Cities and buildings depend on quality plumbing systems, and Alcyone Plumbing technicians are highly trained in installing and maintaining systems that will work for years to come.

Water and Fire Sprinkler Systems

We can service both water and fire sprinkler systems. Whether you need sprinkler mains installed or an existing system repaired, we can help.

Water Mains, Cesspools and Drainage

Our technicians can install primary subdivision water mains at your site so the buildings in the area will have access to clean water.

Cesspools that collect liquid waste from homes and commercial buildings need to be well maintained. We can install, maintain and restore cesspools for a variety of project types.

Drainage mains are important fixtures in any building. Our technicians can install drainage mains or extend existing lines. We can also maintain city and municipal sewer connections. Alcyone Plumbing technicians are trained in using force mains for drainage purposes.

Rainwater Control Fixtures

If not properly controlled, rainwater can cause damage to a building’s foundation, parking areas and landscaping. We can install, maintain and restore rain and parking dry wells.

For site work plumbing and many other quality plumbing services, contact us at (516) 798-1055.