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Some of the Industrial Scale Services we offer include:

  • Extensive work in industrial food supply manufacturing facilities subject to FDA standards;
  • High and low pressure steam for kettles; condensate return piping and lift pumps; stainless steel and black installations;
  • Stainless steel piping, copper and plastic distribution for steam, water, compressed air and chemical distribution systems;
  • Industrial systems for food preparation and protection against downstream cross connection control with FDA compliance methods;
  • Installation, repair, maintenance of steam reducing valves on primary/secondary steam distribution and condensate return systems;
  • Extensive experience with point-of-use kettle steam and condensate systems;
  • Current OSHA approved emergency eye-wash station repair, maintenance and installation;
  • Hot water delivery systems for warming large capacity syrup and ingredient tanks;
  • High and low compressed air distribution systems;
  • Stainless food grade FDA approved drainage products;
  • Commercial gang sinks for locker area as well as point of use hand sinks;
  • Hands-free faucet and bathroom equipment.

Generalized plumbing maintenance, renovations and installations are comprised of, but are certainly not limited to the following areas:

  • Bathroom installation and retrofitting of bathrooms to properly comply with ADA specifications;
  • Supply, repair, installation and adjustment of ADA compliant plumbing fixtures such as hands-free faucets and toilets;
  • Waterless urinal installations for "green" bathrooms; repair and modernization of existing equipment with hands-free operational control valves;
  • Bathroom floor drain installation and retro-fit for trap primer compliance for nuisance odors and Health Code compliance.

Water Service – Water Mains – Fire Service Mains

  • Domestic water main installation and repairs; excavation for repair and replacement, as well as interior relocation of point of entry;
  • Tenant or subdivision water meter reading and monitoring for proper and accurate allocation of common area charges;
  • Private fire hydrant installation;
  • Fire service water mains installed and repaired;
  • Natural gas distribution piping from gas meter to appliances;
  • Fire service mains sized on water department flow tests;
  • Natural gas meter headers in sizes ranging from 250,000 BTU up to and including 9,000,000 BTU capacity;
  • All work compliant with AWWA specifications for installation of fire mains;
  • Fire services properly rodded and installed in accordance with NFPA specifications;
  • Yearly required NFPA private fire hydrant flow testing with reports to local Fire Marshal;
  • Fire Hydrant excavation, rebuilding and complete repair in compliance with NFPA requirements;
  • Interior water control valve replacement on fire main and domestic water services to 8" pipe size;
  • Backflow work: installation, testing, repair, replacement and permits; professional engineer drawings and legalization of existing devices;
  • Full application to local utility for natural gas service installations to commercial locations;
  • All gas meter header repairs, modifications, enlargements and leak tests as required;
  • Building Department and Utility legalizations of natural gas systems lacking legal substantiation for either equipment or pipe installed;
  • Domestic water meter separation and meter headers for subdivision for tenant sub-metering; installation of separate water lines from point of entry into the separate individual commercial rental spaces;
  • Gas distribution system piping to rooftop HVAC or remote back up generator locations; gas distribution piping either cut and threaded or Pro-Pressed where legally allowed by inspectors and Building Departments;
  • Underground installations are installed where impractical due to access or danger to exposed metal gas pipe;
  • Liquid propane gas piping sized and installed as per Plumbing Code, NFPA regulations and Fire Marshal requirements;
  • Potable Water Back Flow installations in conformance with New York State, New York City and Long Island municipalities, and Health Department requirements;
  • Liquid propane gas Pre-Heater installations for large capacity exterior buried LP tanks required to maintain consistent pressure in extreme weather conditions;
  • Liquid propane gas pipe installations, repairs, maintenance and legalizations of existing systems;
  • Awarded one of the first 250 Licenses in New York State for Back Flow Prevention Testing and Installations; licensed as required in New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties for the testing and installation of back flow devices.

Common Area Drainage

  • Identification of the locations, size and capacity of all underground drainage containment structures; pipe mapping of interconnecting sub-surface structures;
  • Identification of the location and size of exterior grease interceptors as well as inspection for compliance with industrial waste permit requirements;
  • Identify grease waste lines, from grease waste fixture to their termination;
  • Rain water retainage vaults installed to allow for temporary storage in flooding conditions;
  • Cement encased sewer line clean outs installed and repaired for change of direction and distance requirements by municipalities;
  • Exterior parking area drainage issued identified complete with location, sizing and condition of rain water collection pools;
  • Verification of piping and size capacity based on existing conditions and modifications made without approval;
  • Sampling manholes installed for commercial sewer connection lines.

Radiant Heat

  • Maintenance, troubleshooting and new installations;
  • Apple Valley manufacturing trained technicians;
  • Snow melt, loading dock, retail store entrance heat – services and repair of all types including ceiling radiant.

Domestic and Fire Sprinkler Backflow Work

  • Installation, testing, repair, replacement and permits; professional engineer drawings and legalization of existing devices;
  • Drainage corrective actions for sanitary drainage systems, roof drain systems and grease waste piping through exterior grease interceptors;
  • Underwater video camera inspections with locator capabilities to 12” pipe size;
  • Cesspool Maintenance - pumping, aeration, super sucking as well as new additional overflow installations;
  • Cesspool remediation for Department of Health work, abandonment and sewer connection approvals;
  • High pressure/high water volume sewer jet to 12” pipe size.
For these and many other Industrial Scale plumbing services, contact us at (516) 798-1055.