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Specializing In Custom Site Work

We offer several Site Work services for city and neighborhood construction projects.

Cities and buildings depend on quality plumbing systems, and Alcyone Plumbing technicians are highly trained at installing and maintaining systems that will work for years to come.

Our Site Work Services Include:

  • Water main taps and extensions;
  • Water mains and individual water services installed and repaired;
  • Camera of underground lines for verification of discharge pool location for Architects and Professional Engineers submissions;
  • Backflow installation, repair, maintenance and testing complete with Professional Engineering submission;
  • Water leak detection - excavation and repair;
  • Roof drain repairs for old/leaking drains;
  • Addition of dry wells to existing system for increased capacity;
  • Dry well - roof drain pumping due to flood rain;
  • Repair of collapsing or sinking dry wells;
  • Emergency cesspool pumping for flooding conditions;
  • Installation of cesspool systems in accordance with current Nassau-Suffolk County Health Department requirements;
  • Supply and installation of interior and exterior grease interceptors sized and approved by Health Department and Industrial Waste;
  • Grease discharge and legal installations;
  • Grease pumping and legal disposal as needed;
  • Cesspool systems;
  • Installation of septic containment tanks;
  • Additions to cesspool systems;
  • Remediation of failing cesspools;
  • Remediation of dry wells from contaminated substance such as grease, oil or debris;
  • Analytical testing of cesspool contents to determine extent of remediation and/or cesspool abandonment;
  • Removal of cesspool waste and testing for legal abandonment with Health Department approvals;
  • High pressure, high volume water jet of interior and exterior grease drainage systems;
  • Roof drainage - proper sizing for drains, leaders and dry wells for discharge.
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